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Meandering Stream398 views
Shows a meandering stream as it enters a lake
Drainage Basin Of The Mississippi River System470 views
Several rivers that flow into the Mississippi River are labeled. The arrow at location X shows where the Mississippi River enters the Gulf of Mexico.
Depth Of Finger Lakes Region Of New York State465 views
Depth of Finger Lakes Region of New York State
Sand Dunes414 views
The cross section represents a part of Texas where weakly cemented sandstone is exposed at the surface. The mineral cement holding the sandstone grains together is calcite.
Large Valley362 views
Shows a mountainous region cut by a large valley in its center.
Stream Drainage Patterns429 viewsStream drainage patterns for a region of Earth’s surface.
Meandering Stream381 views
Meandering stream
River Delta402 views
River emptying into an ocean, producing a delta.
Path Of A River331 views

Shows the path of a river. The arrow shows the direction the river is flowing. Letters A and B identify the banks of the river.
Rock Structure367 viewsRock structure of a deeply eroded, domed mountain region.
Development Of A River Delta391 views
Show gradual stages 1, 2, and 3 in the development of a river delta where a river enters an ocean.
Eroded Plateau368 views
Shows an eroded plateau found in the southwestern United States.
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