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Ocean Ridge And Transform Faults919 views

The continents of Africa and South America, the ocean between them, and the ocean ridge and transform faults.
Oceanic Ridge At A Divergent Plate Boundary887 views
Oceanic Ridge at a Divergent Plate Boundary
Reverse Fault (compression)607 views
Reverse Fault (compression)
Volcano823 views
Large cone-shaped mountain on Earth’s surface is a volcano
Thrust Fault810 views
Thrust Fault
Epicenter Of An Earthquake768 views
The map shows the location of the epicenter, X , of an earthquake that occurred on April 20, 2002, about 29 kilometers southwest of Plattsburgh, New York.
Rift Valley In The Center Of A Mid-ocean Ridge768 views
Shows details of a section of a rift valley in the center of a mid-ocean ridge. The vertical lines in the diagram represent faults and fractures within the ocean floor bedrock.
Mantle Convection637 views
Mantle convection currents are most likely moving beneath colliding lithospheric plates
Geologic Block Diagram517 views
Shows surface features and subsurface structures of a section of Montana
Location Of Volcanoes592 views
Shows the location of volcanoes in Colombia, South America.
Volcanic Peaks In The Cascade Mountain Range717 views
The map shows the name and location of the volcanic peaks in the Cascade Mountain Range of the northwestern United States west of the Yellowstone Hot Spot. The table shows the major eruptions of each peak over the past 4,000 years.
Models Of Earthquake Waves611 views
Models of two types of earthquake waves
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