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Earthquakes Along The Crustal Plate Boundary557 views
Shows the depths of selected earthquakes along the crustal plate boundary near the west coast of South America. Letters A, B, C, and D are epicenter locations along a west-to-east line at the surface. The relative depth of each earthquake is indicated.
Tectonic Plates And The Boundaries Between Them569 views
The map shows some tectonic plates and the boundaries between them. Letters A and B are locations on Earth’s surface. The data table shows the depth below Earth’s surface of five earthquakes measured from location A toward location B.
Washington And Oregon Earthquakes538 views
The plate boundary shown on the map is the source area for high-magnitude earthquakes in Washington and Oregon. Two hazardous zones associated with these earthquakes are also shown.
Fault In The Sedimentary Rocks515 views
Escarpment (cliff) located in the western United States. The directions for north and south are indicated by arrows. A fault in the sedimentary rocks is shown on the front of the escarpment.
Crustal Movement550 views
Cross section below shows rock layers that underwent crustal movement during an igneous intrusion in the Cretaceous Period.
Seismic Waves629 views
Seismic waves traveling from the focus of an earthquake
Deformed Rock Structure510 views
Deformed rock structure found on Earth’s surface.
Seismogram655 views
Seismogram below shows the time that an earthquake P-wave arrived at a seismic station in Albany, New York.
Tectonic Plates725 views
Line AB is drawn across several of Earth’s tectonic plates in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Three Seismograms857 views

Three seismograms showing the same earthquake as it was recorded at three different seismic stations, A, B, and C.
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