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Bedrock Layers660 views
Represents bedrock layers found in an outcrop. Three index fossils are found within the bedrock layers.
Cross Section508 views
The top layer of soil contains broken rock fragments. A representative sample of this layer has been magnified.
Cross Section Of The Bedrock Outcrop698 views
Cross section of the bedrock outcrop shown below and on your knowledge of Earth science. Index fossils found in some of the rock units are shown. The rock units are labeled I through IX.
Half Life Chart621 views
Percent of U-235, Remaining Percent Decayed to Pb-207, Half-Lives Elapsed
Iridium Abundance In A Rock Core Sample566 views
The data table shows the abundance of iridium, in parts per billion (ppb), found in a rock core sample taken in Carlsbad, New Mexico.
Centroceras633 views
Shows a fossil found in the surface bedrock of New York State.
Cross Section637 views
Show widely separated outcrops at locations W, X, Y, and Z. The rock layers have not been overturned. Line AB in the cross section at location W represents an unconformity. Fossils are shown in some of the layers.
Bedrock Cross Section525 views
The cross section represents part of Earth’s crust where natural gas, oil, and water have moved upward through a layer of folded sandstone and filled the pore spaces at the top of the sandstone layer.
Geologic Cross Section605 views
Geologic cross section
Outcrop Of Horizontal Rock512 views
Shows an outcrop of horizontal rock layers in New York State
Radioactive Decay Model524 views
Represents a model of the radioactive decay of a particular element. The diagram shows the decay of a radioactive element ( )into the stable decay element ( )after one half-life period.
Cross Section Of New York State Bedrock507 views
Cross section of New York State bedrock that has not been overturned. Line X represents an unconformity.
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