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Climate Regions Of New York State498 views
The map shows five climate regions of New York State. The bar graphs show average monthly temperatures of four of these climate regions.
Trilobite Fossil476 viewsThe map of Canada shows the fossil site. The scale drawing shows the new trilobite fossil compared to other trilobite fossils.
Cross Section470 viewsShows several rock formations found in New York State. The rock layers have not been overturned.
Cross Section522 viewsThe cross section shows a portion of Earth’s crust. The age, in millions of years, of each boundary between the different sedimentary rock layers is shown. The age of boundary X between the sedimentary rock and the metamorphic rock is not shown.
Geologic Ages Of Wellknown Fossils499 viewsGeologic ages of some wellknown fossils
Geologic Drill Core471 viewsGeologic drill core below shows bedrock layers A, B, and C that have not been overturned. The geological ages of layers A and C are shown.
Geologic Changes432 views

The gradual geologic changes in layer X, located just below Earth’s surface.
Cross Section575 viewsShows a V-shaped valley and the bedrock beneath the valley.
Geologic Cross Section583 viewsShows a hillslope and the rock layers that underlie it.
Mud Cracks600 viewsThese are mud cracks left in shales that were formed along the edges of an ancient lake bed. They indicate periods of dry climate.
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