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Hydrologic Cycle1403 views
Water cycle diagram
buried in silt459 viewsThe photograph shows farm buildings partially buried in silt.
spherical beads of different diameters522 viewsThe diagram below shows three identical plastic tubes filled to the same level with spherical beads of different diameters. Each tube was filled with water to the top of the beads. The clamps were then opened to allow water to drain into the beakers.
Different sediments535 viewsShows columns A, B, C, and D that contain different sediments
air over a mountain465 viewsShows the flow of air over a mountain, from location A to B to C.
greenhouse effect483 viewsrepresents the greenhouse effect in which heat energy is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere.
Greenland Ice Melt330 viewsThe map shows the extent of summer ice-melt zones on Greenland in 1992 and 2002. The summer melt zone is an area where summer heat turns snow and ice around the edges of the ice sheet into slush and ponds of meltwater. Three coastal locations are shown on the map.
El Niño conditions952 viewsThe maps show differences in trade wind strength, ocean current direction, and water temperature associated with air-pressure changes from normal climate conditions to El Niño conditions.
water retention and permeability408 viewsShows an experimental setup to compare water retention and permeability in two columns with equal volumes of spherical plastic beads of different diameters.
tubes containing sediment1105 viewsshows four tubes containing 500 milliliters of sediment labeled A, B, C, and D. Each tube contains well-sorted, loosely packed particles of uniform shape and size and is open at the top. The classification of the sediment in each tube is labeled.
Water Cycle539 viewsThe arrows represent some water cycle processes. Letter A indicates a surface location on Earth.
Earth from above the North Pole569 viewsThe map shows a view of Earth from above the North Pole. Points on the map indicate the positions of Reykjavik, Iceland, and Yakutsk, Russia. The graphs show average monthly air temperature (line graphs) and amount of precipitation (bar graphs) for both locations.
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