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Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet369 viewswhich shows Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet within our solar system.
High and low tides on Earth400 viewsShows the locations of high and low
tides on Earth at a particular time.
Periods of Planetary Revolution337 viewsshows the distance from the Sun and the period of revolution for four planets in our solar system labeled A, B, C, and D.
Polaris864 viewsPolaris’ altitude is equal to a location’s latitude.
apparent path and solar noon902 viewsshow the apparent path and solar noon positions of the Sun on specific dates at three different locations on Earth.
Moon in its orbit around Earth335 viewsshows one position of the Moon in its orbit around Earth. Letters W, X, Y, and Z are locations on Earth’s surface.
Milky Way Galaxy788 viewsRepresents the shape of the Milky Way Galaxy.
movement of water345 viewsThe arrows in the block diagram show the movement of water after it has fallen as precipitation.
Able and Baker Nose Cone509 viewsMonkeys "Able" and "Baker" became the first monkeys to survive spaceflight after their 1959 flight.
Apollo 16 Capsule528 viewsApollo 16 was the tenth manned mission in the Apollo program, the fifth mission to land on the Moon and the first to land in a highlands area. The mission was launched on April 16, 1972, and concluded on April 27. It was a J-class mission, featuring a Lunar Rover and it brought back 94.7 kg of lunar samples.
Apollo 16 Crew Door407 viewsHatch door from the Appollo 16 capsule.
Apollo 16 Heat Shield368 viewsThe charred remains of the re-entered Apollo 16 heat shield.
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