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skylab fragment550 viewsSkylab was the United States' first space station, and the second space station visited by a human crew. It was also the only space station NASA launched alone. The 100-ton space station was in Earth's orbit from 1973 to 1979 and it was visited by crews three times in 1973 and 1974.

space camp habitat529 viewsThis is where campers at space camp live.
Solar Prominence Erupts577 viewsPictured is a solar prominence that erupted on May 15 2001, throwing electrons and ions out into the Solar System
Orbital paths of Earth, Mars, and Jupiter347 viewsThe diagram shows the orbital paths of
Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and a comet named Wild 2.
Shadow583 viewsThe diagram shows a pin perpendicular to a card. The card was placed outdoors in the sunlight on a horizontal surface. The positions of the pin’s shadow on the card were recorded several times on March 21 by an observer in New York State.
Time Exposure Photograph601 viewsA camera was placed outside at night and pointed directly at Polaris and several other stars. The lens was kept open and a time-exposure photograph was taken.
Apparent Path And Position Of The Sun729 viewsShows a model of the apparent path and position of the Sun in relation to an observer at four different locations, A, B, C, and D, on Earth’s surface on the dates indicated.
The Life Cycles Of Stars761 viewsShows two possible sequences in the life cycle of stars, beginning with their formation from nebular gas clouds in space.
Sunlight Entering A Room524 viewsShows sunlight entering a room through the same window at three different times on the same winter day.
Calendar Model Of The Inferred History Of The Universe683 viewsThe 12-month time line begins with the Big Bang on January 1 and continues to the present time, which is represented by midnight on December 31. Several inferred events and the relative times of their occurrence have been placed in the appropriate locations.
Altitude And Apparent Position Of The Noontime Sun692 viewsShows the altitude and apparent position of the noontime Sun, as seen from various latitudes on Earth on a particular day of the year.
Duration Of Insolation619 viewsDuration of insolation at different latitudes for three different days during the year
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