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Earth Revolving Around The Sun638 viewsRepresents an exaggerated view of Earth revolving around the Sun.
Moon’s Orbit Around Earth636 viewsFour positions of the Moon are represented by letters A, B, C, and D. Earth’s North Pole is labeled. The shaded areas on Earth and the Moon represent night.
Ocean Tides493 viewsThe water levels of ocean tides measured in Boston, Massachusetts, for a 2-day period.
Solar Sunspots And Magnetic Activity460 viewsShows changes in the Sun’s magnetic activity and changes in the number of sunspots over a period of approximately 100 years. Sunspots are dark, cooler areas within the Sun’s photosphere that can be seen from Earth.
Celestial Sphere684 viewsRepresents a model of the sky (celestial sphere) for an observer in New York State. The curved arrow represents the Sun’s apparent path for part of one day. The altitude of Polaris is also indicated.
Angle Of The Sun’s Noontime Rays534 viewsShows the angle of the Sun’s noontime rays received at different Earth latitudes on May 1
Ellipse463 viewsEllipse
Apparent Path Of The Sun574 viewsShows the apparent path of the Sun as viewed by an observer at a certain Earth location on March 21
Tidal Changes441 viewsThe graph shows the recorded change in water level (ocean tides) at a coastal city in the northeastern United States during 1 day.
Location Of The Seven Brightest Stars In Orion454 viewsLists the seven brightest stars, numbered 1 through 7, in the constellation Orion. This constellation can be seen in the winter sky by an observer in New York State. The table shows the celestial coordinates for the seven numbered stars of Orion.
Constellations516 viewsConstellations in the night sky viewed by a group of students.
Path Of The Sun During The Year At The Equator537 viewsApparent path of the Sun observed at various times during the year at the Equator
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