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Sun’s Apparent Daily Path610 viewsNumbered positions of the Sun at four different times along the Sun’s apparent daily path, as seen by an observer in New York State. Numbers 1 through 4 represent apparent positions of the Sun.
Elliptical Orbit512 viewsElliptical orbit of a moon revolving around a planet
Satellite Revolution516 viewsShows a satellite in four different positions as it revolves around a planet.
Star Spectrum584 viewsStandard spectrum compared to a spectrum produced from a distant star.
Force Of Gravity Between Earth And The Sun510 viewsForce of gravity between Earth and the Sun during one revolution of Earth around the Sun
Moon Revolution538 viewsShows the Moon at four positions in its orbit around Earth.
Earth's Orbit As Viewed From Space541 viewsEarth at a specific position in its orbit as viewed from space. The shaded area represents nighttime.
Moon And The Sun At Sunset445 viewsPositions of the Moon and the Sun at sunset during an evening in New York State.
Eclipse551 viewsRelative positions of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth when an eclipse was observed from Earth
Apparent Diameter Of The Sun During The Year551 viewsLists the apparent diameter of the Sun, measured in minutes and seconds of a degree, as it appears to an observer in New York State. (Apparent diameter is how large an object appears to an observer.)
Altitude Of The Sun At Solar Noon612 viewsShows the altitude of the Sun at solar noon on certain dates. The positions of the Sun, labeled A, B, and C, were measured by an observer at 42° north latitude.
Shadow Of A Vertical Stick519 viewsRepresent the length and direction of the shadow of a vertical stick measured at noon on three different dates at 42° N latitude.
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