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Orbit Of Planet D Around A Star551 viewsShows the orbit of planet D around the star Upsilon Andromedae. The dashed lines show where the paths of the first four planets of our solar system would be located if they were going around Upsilon Andromedae instead of the Sun.
Moon And Earth474 viewsShow the Moon and Earth as viewed from space.
Foucault Pendulum555 viewsFoucault pendulum swinging freely for 8 hours.
Stages In An Eclipse Of The Sun419 viewsStages in an eclipse of the Sun
Ellipse454 viewsConstructed ellipse. F1 and F2 are the foci of the ellipse
Altitude Of Polaris536 viewsShows an observer on Earth measuring the altitude of Polaris.
Electromagnetic Energy Given Off By The Sun480 viewsShows the types of electromagnetic energy given off by the Sun. The shaded part of the diagram shows the approximate amount of each type actually reaching Earth’s surface.
Moon In Its Orbit527 viewsMoon in its orbit, as viewed from above Earth’s North Pole.
Noontime Shadow486 viewsShows the noontime shadow cast by a vertical post located in New York State.
Shadows Cast472 viewsNoontime shadows cast by a student and a tree.
Angle Of Insolation462 viewsRelationship between the angle of insolation and the intensity of insolation
Earth’s Rotation491 views

Represents the direction of Earth’s rotation as it appears from above the North Pole. Point X is a location on Earth’s surface.
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