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apparent path and solar noon928 viewsshow the apparent path and solar noon positions of the Sun on specific dates at three different locations on Earth.Nov 30, 2011
Moon Phases451 views4 different moon phasesNov 30, 2011
Moon at positions in its orbit around Earth508 viewsThe diagram shows the Moon at four positions in its orbit around Earth as viewed from above the North Pole. The date of one of the four positions has been labeled.Nov 30, 2011
heavy mass moving back and forth520 viewsThe diagram shows a heavy mass moving back and forth in a straight-line direction. The apparent direction of movement changes over time.Nov 30, 2011
north polar view of Earth456 viewsrepresents a north polar view of Earth on a specific day of the year. Solar times at selected longitude lines are shown. Letter A represents a location on Earth’s surface.Nov 29, 2011
Earth revolving around the Sun414 viewsrepresents Earth revolving around the Sun. Letters A, B, C, and D represent Earth’s location in its orbit on the first day of the four seasons. NP represents the North Pole.Nov 29, 2011
life cycle of stars494 viewsrepresents possible stages in the life cycle of starsNov 29, 2011
constellations428 viewsThe constellation Pisces changes position during a night, as shown in the diagram below.Nov 29, 2011
Development of our universe621 viewsThe diagram represents the development of our universe from the time of the Big Bang until the present. Letter A indicates two celestial objects.Nov 29, 2011
Moon in its orbit around Earth354 viewsshows one position of the Moon in its orbit around Earth. Letters W, X, Y, and Z are locations on Earth’s surface.Nov 29, 2011
Periods of Planetary Revolution359 viewsshows the distance from the Sun and the period of revolution for four planets in our solar system labeled A, B, C, and D.Nov 29, 2011
Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet390 viewswhich shows Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet within our solar system.Nov 29, 2011
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