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Moon Phases476 viewsShows positions of the Moon in its orbit and phases of the Moon as viewed from New York State.Nov 27, 2011
tectonic plate boundaries694 viewsShows the tectonic plate boundaries near the East African Rift. Arrows show relative tectonic plate movement.Nov 27, 2011
Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale523 viewsModified Mercalli Intensity ScaleNov 27, 2011
Earthquake Intensity with Modified Mercalli Scale550 viewsEarthquake Intensity with Modified Mercalli ScaleNov 27, 2011
coral reef distribution and diversity371 viewsshows coral reef distribution and diversity (number of different coral types) around the world. Isolines on the map represent the number of different types of coral. Coral reefs are found mostly in shallow tropical waters and do not grow when ocean temperatures fall below 18°C.Nov 27, 2011
Greenland Ice Melt352 viewsThe map shows the extent of summer ice-melt zones on Greenland in 1992 and 2002. The summer melt zone is an area where summer heat turns snow and ice around the edges of the ice sheet into slush and ponds of meltwater. Three coastal locations are shown on the map.Nov 27, 2011
isotherm map665 viewsweather map shows the air temperatures recorded at the same time at cities across the United States.Nov 27, 2011
air over a mountain494 viewsShows the flow of air over a mountain, from location A to B to C.Nov 27, 2011
Different sediments566 viewsShows columns A, B, C, and D that contain different sedimentsNov 27, 2011
Earth and the Moon in four locations during their orbits507 viewsShows Earth and the Moon in four locations during their orbits. Arrows A through D represent different motions of Earth, the Moon, and the Sun.Nov 27, 2011
Meandering stream451 viewsShows a meandering stream as it enters a lake. The arrow shows the direction of stream flow. Points A through D represent locations
on the surface of the stream.
Nov 27, 2011
Cross section of Earth 579 viewsThe cross section of Earth below shows a P-wave moving away from an earthquake epicenter to seismic station A.Nov 27, 2011
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