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Crystal Sizes In A Light-colored Igneous Rock702 views
Shows actual crystal sizes in a light-colored igneous rock that contains several minerals, including potassium feldspar, quartz, and biotite mica
May 07, 2006
Gneiss389 viewsFoliated texture and contains the minerals amphibole, quartz, and feldspar arranged in coarse-grained bands.
May 07, 2006
Cleavage445 views
Photograph shows several broken samples of the same colorless mineral.
May 07, 2006
Calcite574 views
Broken piece of the mineral calcite
May 07, 2006
Cooling Time Graph461 views

Shows the relationship between the cooling time of magma and the size of the crystals produced.
May 07, 2006
Gas Pockets In Glass570 views
Gas pockets in glass
May 07, 2006
Halite414 views
Shows a piece of halite that has been recently broken.
May 07, 2006
Coal Formation555 views
Sequence of diagrams below shows how coal is formed.
May 07, 2006
Arrangement Of Minerals618 views
Two magnified views showing the arrangement of minerals before and after metamorphism of rock C.
May 07, 2006
Felsic Igneous Rock589 views
The diagram represents a felsic igneous rock. Letters A, B, and C represent three different minerals in the rock sample. The table describes the physical properties of minerals A, B, and C found in the igneous rock sample.
May 07, 2006
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