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seismograms 543 viewsshows four seismograms labeled I, II, III, and IV, which were recorded at seismic stations A, B, C, and D during the same time interval.Nov 29, 2011
lithospheric plates559 viewsshows the boundary between two lithospheric plates. Point X is a location in the continental lithosphere. The depth below Earth’s surface is labeled in kilometers.Nov 29, 2011
greenhouse effect506 viewsrepresents the greenhouse effect in which heat energy is trapped in Earth’s atmosphere.Nov 29, 2011
Dew Point / Relative Humidity 509 viewsshows the temperature readings on a weather instrumentNov 29, 2011
Rock Formation591 viewsshows three stages in the formation of a specific rockNov 29, 2011
stream table499 viewsshows a laboratory stream table. A mixture of sediment was placed on the stream table. A short time after the faucet was turned on, a deposit of sediment began forming at location X at the lower end of the stream table.Nov 29, 2011
glacial landscape feature417 viewsshows a glacial landscape feature forming over time from a melting block of iceNov 29, 2011
Air Temperature vs. Air Pressure 532 viewsData from two weather instruments have been recorded on the graph below. Line A on the graph represents air-temperature data. Line B was plotted using the scale for variable B.Nov 29, 2011
spherical beads of different diameters545 viewsThe diagram below shows three identical plastic tubes filled to the same level with spherical beads of different diameters. Each tube was filled with water to the top of the beads. The clamps were then opened to allow water to drain into the beakers.Nov 29, 2011
life cycle of stars493 viewsrepresents possible stages in the life cycle of starsNov 29, 2011
generalized cross section398 viewsThe generalized cross section shows the sedimentary rock layers at Niagara Falls in western New York State.Nov 29, 2011
buried in silt481 viewsThe photograph shows farm buildings partially buried in silt.Nov 29, 2011
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