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Rock cross section436 viewscross section shows a portion of Earth’s crust.Nov 29, 2011
radioactive decay483 viewsThe table below shows how the radioactive decay of potassium-40 can be used to determine the age of a rock.Nov 29, 2011
constellations429 viewsThe constellation Pisces changes position during a night, as shown in the diagram below.Nov 29, 2011
Development of our universe622 viewsThe diagram represents the development of our universe from the time of the Big Bang until the present. Letter A indicates two celestial objects.Nov 29, 2011
Average yearly rainfall436 viewsThe map shows isolines of average yearly rainfall, in centimeters, for the Congo River region of Africa.Nov 29, 2011
Moon in its orbit around Earth355 viewsshows one position of the Moon in its orbit around Earth. Letters W, X, Y, and Z are locations on Earth’s surface.Nov 29, 2011
Cross Section467 viewsLetters A through H represent rock units in which overturning has not occurred.Nov 29, 2011
Periods of Planetary Revolution360 viewsshows the distance from the Sun and the period of revolution for four planets in our solar system labeled A, B, C, and D.Nov 29, 2011
Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet391 viewswhich shows Earth’s orbit and the orbit of a comet within our solar system.Nov 29, 2011
Earth’s orbit around the Sun424 viewsEarth’s orbit around the Sun as viewed from space. Earth is shown at eight different positions labeled A through H. Earth’s North Pole, Arctic Circle, and equator have been labeled at position C. The arrows show the direction of orbital motion.Nov 29, 2011
Generalized Bedrock Map392 viewsshows the generalized bedrock of a part of western New York State.Nov 29, 2011
water retention and permeability431 viewsShows an experimental setup to compare water retention and permeability in two columns with equal volumes of spherical plastic beads of different diameters.Nov 29, 2011
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