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low-pressure system510 viewsshows the general surface wind pattern in a low-pressure system located over the eastern United StatesNov 29, 2011
block diagram459 viewsblock diagram below, which shows rock units that have not been overturnedNov 28, 2011
Star Chart381 viewsshows the locations of several constellations visible in the night skyNov 28, 2011
Earth from above the North Pole591 viewsThe map shows a view of Earth from above the North Pole. Points on the map indicate the positions of Reykjavik, Iceland, and Yakutsk, Russia. The graphs show average monthly air temperature (line graphs) and amount of precipitation (bar graphs) for both locations.Nov 28, 2011
Water Cycle562 viewsThe arrows represent some water cycle processes. Letter A indicates a surface location on Earth.Nov 28, 2011
block diagram577 viewsThe diagram is of the Niagara Falls region as viewed from the north.Nov 28, 2011
Moon Calender 414 viewsThe dates of major Moon phases, as seen in New York State, are shown.Nov 28, 2011
Zones of Earth’s interior553 viewsrepresents zones of Earth’s interior, identified by letters A through E. The scale shows depths below Earth’s surface, measured in
Nov 28, 2011
contour map493 viewscontour map shows elevations recorded in meters. Line AB is a reference line on the map.Nov 28, 2011
cross section 408 viewscross section Nov 28, 2011
Overhead view of sediments673 viewsThe map shows an overhead view of sediments that have accumulated at the bottom of a lake. Points A through D represent locations on the shoreline of the lake.Nov 28, 2011
Topographic map456 viewsThe topographic map shows a stream crossing several contour lines and passing through points X and Y. Elevations are measured
in feet.
Nov 28, 2011
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