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Cross section374 viewsThe cross section shows the general bedrock structure of an area containing three different landscape regions, A, B, and C.Nov 28, 2011
Tree Shadow896 viewsA tree in New York State casts a shadow as shown in the diagram.Nov 28, 2011
Drill Core302 viewsThe drill-core samples were taken from two locations 1000 kilometers apart. Rock layers 1 through 8 have been labeled. Some index fossils are shown in the layers.Nov 28, 2011
Large pendulum395 viewsThe diagram shows a large pendulum in motion over an 8-hour period.Nov 28, 2011
two waves traveling in the same medium423 viewsThe diagram shows two waves traveling in the same medium. Points A, B, C, and D are located along the rest position of the medium. The waves interfere to produce a resultant wave.Nov 28, 2011
standing wave399 viewsThe diagram represents a standing waveNov 28, 2011
magnetic field lines407 viewsThe diagram shows the magnetic field lines between two magnetic poles, A and B.Nov 28, 2011
circuit 416 viewsThe diagram represents a circuit consisting of two resistors connected to a source of potential difference.Nov 28, 2011
electric field strength476 viewsTwo parallel metal plates are connected to a variable source of potential difference. When the potential difference of the source is increased, the magnitude of the electric field strength between the plates increases. The diagram shows an electron located between the plates.Nov 28, 2011
child pulls a wagon749 viewsA child pulls a wagon at a constant velocity along a level sidewalk. The child does this by applying a 22-newton force to the wagon handle, which is inclined at 35° to the sidewalk as shown below.Nov 28, 2011
Speed vs Time565 viewsThe graph shows the relationship between the speed and elapsed time for an object falling freely from rest near the surface of a planet.Nov 28, 2011
displacement of a particle415 viewsThe graph represents the displacement of a particle in a medium over a period of time.Nov 28, 2011
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