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Cross Section547 viewsThe cross section shows a portion of Earth’s crust. The age, in millions of years, of each boundary between the different sedimentary rock layers is shown. The age of boundary X between the sedimentary rock and the metamorphic rock is not shown.
May 09, 2006
Centroceras707 views
Shows a fossil found in the surface bedrock of New York State.
May 09, 2006
Bedrock Outcrops746 views
Bedrock outcrops A and B are located at two different locations along the Genesee River in western New York State. Rock layers 1, 2, and 4 are the same in both outcrops.
May 09, 2006
Cross Section675 views

The cross section represents the bedrock structure beneath four landscape regions, A, B, C, and D.
May 09, 2006
Changes In The Distribution Of Land And Water688 views
Show changes in the distribution of land and water in the Mediterranean Sea region that scientists believe took place over a period of 6 million years.
May 09, 2006
Cross Section950 views
A through G identify rock layers and Q represents a fault. Lines W, X, Y, and Z are locations of unconformities. The rocks have not been overturned.
May 09, 2006
Bedrock Layers733 views
Represents bedrock layers found in an outcrop. Three index fossils are found within the bedrock layers.
May 09, 2006
Cross Section564 views
The top layer of soil contains broken rock fragments. A representative sample of this layer has been magnified.
May 09, 2006
Cross Section712 views
Show widely separated outcrops at locations W, X, Y, and Z. The rock layers have not been overturned. Line AB in the cross section at location W represents an unconformity. Fossils are shown in some of the layers.
May 09, 2006
Bedrock Cross Section585 views
The cross section represents part of Earth’s crust where natural gas, oil, and water have moved upward through a layer of folded sandstone and filled the pore spaces at the top of the sandstone layer.
May 09, 2006
Cross Section494 viewsShows several rock formations found in New York State. The rock layers have not been overturned.
May 09, 2006
Seismogram Tracings1427 views
Shows two seismogram tracings, at stations A and B, for the same earthquake. The arrival times of the P-waves and S-waves are indicated on each tracing.
May 09, 2006
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