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Stream Drainage Pattern397 viewsMap view of a stream drainage pattern.
May 06, 2006
Wind Driven Sand Particles470 viewsShows the movement of wind-driven sand particles that strike a partly exposed basalt cobble located at the surface of a windy desert.
May 06, 2006
Three Types Of Streams585 viewsBlock diagrams below, which show three types of streams with equal volumes.
May 06, 2006
Tombstone Weathering533 viewsShow dates on tombstones found in a cemetery in St. Remy, New York. The tombstones were 5 meters apart and both faced north. Tombstone A had dates cut into the rock in 1922. Tombstone B had dates cut into the rock in 1892.
May 06, 2006
Sediment Columns847 viewsThe columns A, B, C, and D shown below contain equal volumes of sediment.
May 06, 2006
Soil Profile416 viewsSoil ProfileMay 06, 2006
Stream Depoaition476 viewsNormal pattern of sediments deposited where a stream enters a lake. Letter X represents a particular type of sediment.
May 06, 2006
Settling Tube433 viewsWhich shows a clear plastic tube containing water and a beaker containing a mixture of rounded quartz grains of different sizes.
May 06, 2006
Sediment-laden River Flowing Into The Ocean415 viewsThe arrows show the direction of river flow. Different zones of sorted sediments, A, B, C, and D, have been labeled. Sediments have been taken from these zones and measured. The data table shows the range of sediment sizes in each zone.May 06, 2006
Geological Feature424 viewsGeological feature in the Kalahari Desert of southwestern Africa.May 06, 2006
Change In The Elevation391 viewsShows the average change in the elevation of a mountain range over time.May 06, 2006
Layers Of Soil633 viewsLayers of soilMay 06, 2006
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