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Most viewed - Rocks and Minerals
sediment samples1060 viewsrepresent three sediment samples labeled X, Y, and Z.
microscopic, thin-section view of phyllite1021 viewsis a microscopic, thin-section view of phyllite. Enlarge the image to see the more-distinct and wavier foliation of phyllite as compared to slate.
thin-section view of quartzite988 viewsThis microscopic, thin-section view of quartzite shows the tight packing and recrystallization of quartz grains characteristic of quartzite.
Sand used on Baseball Field986 viewsRaked sand
gneiss928 views beautiful handsample of gneiss from the San Gabriel Mountains. The light bands are primarily composed of quartz, and the dark bands are composed of amphibole, so this is a quartz-amphibole gneiss. Enlarge the image to see the porphyroblast in the top right corner of the handsample.
microscopic, thin-section view of slate916 viewsThis is a microscopic, thin-section view of slate. Enlarge the image to see the faint foliation and tiny mineral crystals characteristic of slate.
sedimentary rock816 viewssedimentary rock
Pegmatite Rock805 views
Photograph below shows the intergrown crystals of a pegmatite rock.
muscovite mica schist767 viewsThis is a photograph of muscovite mica schist (large specimen in the middle) and two pieces of phyllite (laid atop the schist) taken in the San Gabriel Mountains. Note the larger crystal sizes of the schist, and the higher reflectivity of the phyllite samples. The camera lens is two inches in diameter.
Rock Classification Flowchart750 views
Rock Classification Flowchart
Stalactites and stalagmites718 viewsStalactites and stalagmites, and two columns.
Crystal Sizes In A Light-colored Igneous Rock703 views
Shows actual crystal sizes in a light-colored igneous rock that contains several minerals, including potassium feldspar, quartz, and biotite mica
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