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Most viewed - Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
Seismogram Tracings1406 views
Shows two seismogram tracings, at stations A and B, for the same earthquake. The arrival times of the P-waves and S-waves are indicated on each tracing.
Plate Boundary1040 views
Diagram below shows the interaction of two tectonic plates.
seismogram 1026 viewsThe seismogram was recorded at a seismic station and shows the arrival times of the first P-wave and S-wave from an earthquake.
modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones 994 viewsThe map shows modified Mercalli intensity scale damage zones resulting from a large earthquake that occurred in 1964. The earthquake’s epicenter was near Anchorage, Alaska. The cities Kodiak and Anchorage are shown on the map.
Age Of Rocks On The Sea Bottom Relative To Ridges942 views
Shows the location of mid-ocean ridges and the age of some oceanic bedrock near these ridges.
Ocean Ridge And Transform Faults911 views

The continents of Africa and South America, the ocean between them, and the ocean ridge and transform faults.
Three Seismograms901 views

Three seismograms showing the same earthquake as it was recorded at three different seismic stations, A, B, and C.
Lateral Fault (shearing)881 views
Lateral Fault (shearing)
Oceanic Ridge At A Divergent Plate Boundary879 views
Oceanic Ridge at a Divergent Plate Boundary
Rock outcrop with faulting858 viewsRock outcrop with faulting
Volcano815 views
Large cone-shaped mountain on Earth’s surface is a volcano
Thrust Fault800 views
Thrust Fault
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