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Most viewed - Earth History and Geologic Time
Cross Section1937 viewsshows the bedrock structure of a portion of the lithosphere. Letters A through D represent locations in the lithosphere.
Geologic Cross Section1247 views
Geologic cross section. Letters A through D represent different rock units.
geologic cross section1117 viewsThe rock layers have not been overturned.
Cross Section940 views
A through G identify rock layers and Q represents a fault. Lines W, X, Y, and Z are locations of unconformities. The rocks have not been overturned.
Cross Section817 views
Geologic cross section of a portion of Earth’s crust
Table Of Index Fossils810 views
Table of Index Fossils
Cross Section Of The Bedrock Outcrop762 views
Cross section of the bedrock outcrop shown below and on your knowledge of Earth science. Index fossils found in some of the rock units are shown. The rock units are labeled I through IX.
Geologic Cross Section749 views
The cross section shows the surface of a landscape region in the southwestern United States and indicates the age, type, and thickness of the bedrock.
Bedrock Outcrops738 views
Bedrock outcrops A and B are located at two different locations along the Genesee River in western New York State. Rock layers 1, 2, and 4 are the same in both outcrops.
Bedrock Layers723 views
Represents bedrock layers found in an outcrop. Three index fossils are found within the bedrock layers.
Geologic Cross Sections710 views
Represent different stages in the development of one part of Earth’s crust over a long period of geologic time.
Geologic Cross Section703 views
Geologic cross section below shows the geologic age of two rock layers separated by an unconformity.
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