Landscapes Share-a-thon 16 Files

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River delta comparison
I have attached some river views that you might like. Compare the Mississippi delta with the atchafalaya delta. The former is shrinking, and the latter is growing.

Montana Virtual Field Trip
Learn about the geology of a prominent plutonic formation in west-central Montana.

Mining for Natural Resouces
Cookie mining lab to see the impact mining has on an environment

Using particle size vs. water velocity chart
Students' will use the transported particle size to water velocity chart on page 6 in their E.S.R.T.'s to complete the worksheet

Caves Webquest
Interactive webquest from the Virtual Cave website.

Overlay ESRT Pg2 on Pg3
Overlay of Landscape boundaries(pg2) on NYS Geology map (pg 3) I have my students use collored pencils to shade the different landscape region types and then the Rivers and Lakes.