31 Earth Science PowerPoints

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PPT Contour Mapping...goes With Contour Map Rules Packet
This is the powerpoint lesson I use to explain how contour lines represent elevation on a map. I use this and the contour map rules packet to help them understand

Glacier Powerpoints HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]
Attached are some great photos of a Switzerland ice storm. Shows Glacier features. HUGE FILE [26.3 MB]

What Will We Learn About In Earth Science?
Great powerpoint to show the students what topics and concepts they will learn through out a year in earth science.

Earth's Interior Powerpoint
This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Earth's Interior Chart in the Reference Tables.

Rock Cycle Powerpoint
Rock Cycle Powerpoint- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Rock Cycle Chart in the Reference Tables.

Temperature/Luminosity Chart
Temp./Luminosity Chart- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Temperature/Luminosity graph in the Reference Tables.

Earths Shape And Polaris
Powerpoint presentation on earths shape and the north star.

Superstorm '93
This power point is designed to show a sequence of infrared satellite images of the east coast from March 12th through the 14th, 1993.

9 Minute PowerPoint Timer For The Part D Earth Science Regents
Timer for the new part D earth science regents.

Hidden Hawaii IMAX
Jeopardy game questions related to Hidden Hawaii IMAX.