19 Worksheets in Mapping

Google Earth Extra Credit
This is a very simple way for students to gain a few extra credit points by exploring Google earth in a very basic way. This is not overly complex, but it does familiarize the students with the program.

Contour Map Rules
This is a packet I hand out with rules of contour lines. I work through the packet with the students and draw each rule on the packet with the students.

Topographic Map Symbols
How to read the symbols found on topographic maps.

Compass Rose Worksheet
Practice filling directions on a compass rose using standard abbreviations.

Contour Lines From Elevation Data
Draw in contour lines at intervals of 10 meters starting with 60.

Creating Topographic Profiles
Taken from an unknown website and made into a worksheet, a very useful exercise for understanding what topographic maps represent is the construction of a topographic profile.

Latitude And Longitude (calculating Minutes)
A worksheet that allows students to practice calculating latitude and longitude using minutes.

Hurricane Tracking Chart
In this lab, you'll plot the path of the tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes that occur during the current Atlantic hurricane season in an effort to learn where hurricanes get their energy, where they go, and why.

Shipwrecks Of Lake Ontario
Plot the shipwrecks of Lake Ontario using degrees and minutes.

Using Latitude, Longitude
Students will identify cities based on latitude and longitude information.

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