9 Oxidation-Reduction Files

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Activity Series
In this experiment, you will establish the activity series for five ions by studying their behavior in a series of redox reactions.

Oxidation Numbers
The charge assigned to an ion or an atom in a compound or molecule. The sum of the oxidation numbers of all the atoms in the particle must equal the charge of the particle!

Voltaic Cell
Questions to Accompany Voltaic Cell Handout

Oxidation-Reduction Worksheet
For each reaction below, identify the atom oxidized, the atom reduced, the oxidizing agent, the reducing agent, the oxidation half reaction, the reduction half reaction, and then balance the equation by the method of oxidation-reduction showing all electr

Voltaic Cell Diagram
Voltaic Cell Diagram

Green Chunks and Foil
An activity to introduce redox using Copper(II) chloride, water, and aluminum foil.

Activity of Metals Lab
A microscale activity of metals lab where students develop an activity series based on their observations.

Lab-Activity Series of Metals
Activity of 3 metals observed by students who then must classify them in order of most active to least active. Pre-lab set up can occur as recently as the day before even though the lab indicates several days have passed.

REDOX and Electrochemistry Review
Outline of the basic topics on REDOX and Electrochemistry. Based off of a handout I had my first year of teaching. I am unaware of the original author and do not claim to be the original author.