7 Periodic Table Files

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Printable Periodic Tables
Here is a printable copy of the periodic table of elements found on the Chemistry Reference Tables.

Wanted by the Federal Bureau of Elements
You will draw a picture of your element as a person here. Your drawing should reflect the characteristics, uses, etc. of your element. For example: gold could be a gold coin person, or could be a lump of gold dressed up as a person.

Periodic Table Notes
A Short History of the Periodic Table.

Determine Unknown Elements
Students act as if they are Mendeleev guessing at unknown elemental properties. Using properties of the general groups (metal, nonmetal, metalloid) students see how Mendeleev predicted these so well.

Surviving Chemistry: The Periodic Table Worksheet
Organized and engaging sets of worksheet on The Periodic Table, with clear objectives for each set.

Practice questions for Periodic Table
Multiple choices practice questions.

Periodic Table of Elements
Overview of the entire periodic table from beginning to end.