How to Create a School Game

1) To get started, visit this link: Create School Quiz Games for Students

2) Sign up for a free account.

3) Check your e-mail and verify your account, then log in.

4) Select either Add New Test (Text) or Add New Test (Images Included).

5) Enter your data into the question field, then type in up to four answers. Do not forget to select which one is the correct one by using the radio button on the left.

6) Repeat the process for 9 more questions.

7) Click "Add Test".

8) Presto! You have just created your first review game. Your data will be automatically created into 10 different types of games.

9) Games create a relaxing environment which helps motivate the learner and provide interactive review for exams or quizzes. Use games for non motivated learners or to turn workbooks or flash cards into fun time. These unblocked games can be used as review games to help students study for tests. They also have several other subjects with games including Math Games as well.