Dinosaur Links

Dinosaur Facts
Great site with tons of facts on dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Groups
This site provides a good general overview of dinosaurs and dinosaur groups.

Truth is Stranger than Fiction
This site, provides a good introduction to dinosaur diversity and dispels a few myths.

Time Scales
This is a geological timeline that lists the major geological events through time.

A Primer of Phylogenetic Procedures
This is a resource on cladistics and its methodologies.

Anatomy Skeleton
Gives you a detailed overview of major dinosaur anatomy and a long list of information about individual dinosaurs.

Fossil Collections
Review this ever-growing Web site to see field notes, archival photos, and specimens.

Dinosaur Eggs
Learn about the history and location of dinosaur eggs.

Finding Fossils from Space
Satellite images are one of the tools paleontologists use to identify potential fossil localities.

Fossil Preparation and Conservation
This site provides a "how-to" using a number of the materials and techniques of fossil preparation.

The Jigsaw Fossil
Archaeoraptor, found in the mid-1990s, was thought to be the missing link between dinosaurs and birds.

New Insights, Technologies and Fossil Finds
New technologies and new fossil finds have provided insights into dinosaur behavior.

Examines the vocalization potential of a 65-million-year-old extinct duck-billed dinosaur.

Dinosauria: Life History & Ecology
Curious about the lives of non-avian dinosaurs? Learn about their parental care, traveling patterns, and diet on this site.

Hot-Blooded or Cold-Blooded?
Evidence scientists have collected for both points of view about whether dinosaurs were endothermic or ectothermic, and their own conclusions.

Were Dinosaurs Warm- or Cold-Blooded?
Although many in the scientific community agree with Barrick and Showers that dinosaurs are warm-blooded, this article provides another perspective.

Are Birds Really Dinosaurs?
Read a good summary of the evidence that birds are dinosaurs.

Bird Anatomy
Take a look at this simple illustration of a bird skeleton to learn more about bird anatomy.

What Killed The Dinosaurs?
Find out about the theories and controversies that surround this question in this article from the University of California Museum of Paleontology.

Mass Extinction That Led to Age of Dinosaurs
Evidence recently collected suggests that a large extinction preceded the K/T extinction.

What Killed the Dinos? The Invalid Hypotheses
Learn more about hypotheses that have been proposed for the K/T extinction that either are not supported by the available evidence or are un-testable.

Evidence for the Meteor Impact
Find out how iridium, footprints of fire, shocked quartz, and basaltic spherules are used to decide what wiped out the non-avian dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Deccan Traps, India
Take a look at the Deccan Traps in India.

Dino Directory
Search different dinosaur species by their names, the geologic time frame and country in which they lived, and their body shape.

OLogy: The Big Dig
Tell your students about "The Big Dig" on AMNH's Ology Web site.

Archaeopteryx: An Early Bird
Archaeopteryx caused quite a stir when it was first found in 1861, just two years after Darwin's On the Origin of Species.