Earth Science Computer Programs

Below is a list of many freeware or shareware versions of earth science related software. Some of the programs are a little old, but that is why they are free. Download and install at your own risk. I cannot provide any technical help with these files. Please let me know if you know of more! Thanks!

Seismic Waves
Watch the interaction of the earth quake waves as the reflect, refract and map the interior of the earth.

A program for the visualization of seismicity and volcanic activity in space and time.

Mineral Identification Software
Excellent form basic mineral identification with hard coded mineral identification program.

Home Planet
View day/night/moon over earth from your location, positions of planets & stars, satellite tracking.

Crater Screen Saver
Realistic simulation of crater impacts.

Make your own graph paper

Mountain Terrain 3.0
Simple landscape generator program - no data input needed. Creates random landscapes.

3D Field
You can modify the existing data file to create your own limited landscapes.

Tracks satellites in 3D world view in real time. You can view the satellites as they pass over your own town!

Astronomical sky charts, planetary views, 3D Jupiter and much more.

Converts a huge range of quantities mass, area, force, etc.

Mino 3D Computer Aided Drawing
For drawing three dimensional objects

CadSTD Lite 2D
Computer Aided Drawing Software

World Time
Keeps track of 10 simultaneous locations, map, many features. Learn all about time zones and Universal Time

Explorer Weight
Determine your relative weight on other planets in the solar system.

Converts latitude and longitude to grid coordinates

An excellent Windows-based satellite tracking program.

Rock Cycle
An interactive way to learn about the rock cycle. Three levels novice to expert.

Works out your reaction time for various stimuli (sound, sight, thinking).

Gives real time animation of the position of
Jupiter's four moons.

A neat interactive program that gets you to name the layers of the earth and the atmosphere

Win Plot
a freeware graph making program, plots lots of kinds of graphs, even several at a time.