Just Submitted Earth Science Files

Below are a listing of files that have been recently submitted. They are in order of newest to oldest. There are 476 files.

Parallax Lab
Date Submitted: 2009-03-07
Students will use parallax to determine the length of their arm.

Angular Measurement Lab
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Students will determine the angular size of their thumbs and fists so that they can be used as angular measuring tools. The students will then use their new tool to make measurements in the night sky.

9 Minute PowerPoint Timer For The Part D Earth Science Regents
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Timer for the new part D earth science regents.

Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Review sheets which goes along with the ESRT's.

Work Booklet
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
A unit pack with a variety of different material all related to Geology.

Water Cycle
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
All of the Earth's water (70% of the Earth's surface) goes through a cycle in which the water changes its locations or physical state through different processes. In accordance with the law of conservation of matter, water is not created or destroyed, it

Ellipse Lab
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
A step by step procedure on drawing an ellipse.

Surface Area
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Students will examine the affect that surface area has on weathering using alka seltzer.

June 1973 Regents Exam
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
A copy of the June 1973 regents exam students took as their final.

91 - 100 (100 Illustrated Ways To Pass The Earth Science Regents)
Date Submitted: 2005-09-01
Printable color copies of the key terms with the illustrations.