Chemistry Links

Below is a listing of peer reviewed science links. These links all come highly suggested. Some are better then others.

Acids, Bases, and Salts
Topics include: Arrhenius Theory, Electrolyte, Neutralization (Salts), Indicators (Titration), pH.

Atomic Concepts
Topics include: Atomic Model, Atomic Structure, Spectral Anlysis, Isotopes, Lewis Dot Structure.

Chemical Bonding
Topics inlcude: Ionic Bonding, Covalent (Molecular) Bonding, Metallic Bonding, Hydrogen Bonding, Electronegativity, Stable Octet.

Kinetics and Equilibrium
Topics Inlcude: Collision Theory, Rate of Reaction, Equilibrium, LeChatelier’s Principle, Energy Diagrams, Entropy & Enthaply.

Laboratory Skills
Topics include: Labs Skills, Graphing, Safety, Scientific Inquiry, Technique.

Topics include: All materials that do not fit directly into the above subcategories.

Topics inlcude: IUPAC Names, Chemical Formulas, Laws of Conservation, Moles, Balancing Equations, Formula & Molecular Mass.

Nuclear Chemistry
Tpics inlcude: Radioactivity, Radioactive Isotopes, Half-Life, Fusion/Fission, Transmutation.

Organic Chemistry
Topics inlcude: Saturated, Unsaturated, Functional Groups/Hydrocarbons, Isomers, Organic Reactions, IUPAC Names.

Topics include: Redox Reactions, Half Reactions, Oxidation Numbers, Chemical Cells.

Periodic Table
Topics inlcude: Arrangement, Families, Physical & Chemical Properties, Trends, Valence Electrons/Stable Octet, Ions.

Physical Behavior of Matter
Topics include: Phases, Elements, Compounds, & Mixtures, Solutions, Solubility, Concentrations, Temperature.

Regents Preparation
Topics include: Review Materials, Sites and Suggestions.