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Below is a listing of teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Just Submitted New Teacher Sites


Earth Science - New York Science Teacher
Contains links to all earth science sub-sections on this site. contains quick links to the earth science share-a-thon, movie worksheets, internet links and many more sections.
Author: Christopher Sheehan
: Long Island State: NY ID: 17

Earth Science Students - Click Here!
This site was created to assist students who are studying the physical setting: earth science in new york state. it is also a great resource for parents and teachers!
Author: Charles Burrows
: Spring Valley HS, East Ramapo CSD State: NY ID: 3
Games, notes, and much more for the exciting field of earth science!
Author: David Robison
: Wilson High School State: NY ID: 11

Archives from e2c workshops for teachers at lamont-doherty earth observatory and comprehensive sets of links to resources.
Author: Michael J Passow
: White Plains MS State: NY ID: 10

Mr. D'anna's Website
Great regents earth science website.
Author: Nick D'Anna
: Harborfields High School State: NY ID: 21
Regents earth science website - students as tv meteorologists
Author: Scott Danville
: Beekmantown High School State: NY ID: 4

Mr. Vinberg's Earth Science Classes
Students use my learn earth science, animations page with links to other teacher's animations page, my links for earth science websites i've found useful. please share any recommendations.
Author: Ryan Vinberg
: Island Trees High School State: NY ID: 22

Mr. Nap's Excellent Earth Science Page
Earth science news, links and regents exam help.
Author: Frank Napolitano
: Harrison High School State: NY ID: 9

Earth Science And Physics Web Resource For Students And Teachers
Tutorials, virtual museums, homeworks, laboratories, and links to interesting and informative physics and earth science sites.
Author: Michael Klimetz
: John Dewey HS State: NY ID: 12

Joseph Henderson's Webpage
Welcome! this website serves mainly as a resource for students, parents, guardians, and other educators. i'm still figuring it out. bear with me.
Author: Joseph Henderson
: Rush-Henrietta State: NY ID: 13