Physics Teacher Websites

Below is a listing of teacher submitted websites. These are submitted by teachers who have educational non-commercial websites that they feel other teachers could benefit from. Check them out and feel free to link to them as you feel necessary.

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Just Submitted New Teacher Sites


St. Mary's H.s. Physics Online
Tons of excellent resources for learning and teaching high school physics.
Author: Tony Mangiacapre
: St. Mary's H.S State: NY ID: 43

This blog has been developed personally by mr. a. shah and has items of interest for science students, parents and teachers right across the world.
Author: A. Shah (Mr.)
: Alperton High State: NY ID: 51

Education Youtube Videos
A review of youtube videos that speak about physics or other scientific subjects
Author: Andrea
: unknown State: NY ID: 58

Physics with animations and film clips
Author: Joe Wolfe
: UNSW State: NU ID: 72

Geometrical Dimensional Analysis
gda is based on the premise that formulas and definitions involving units of measure in general and fundamental constants in particular can be structured into factor, units, quantity, and dimensional analysis maps. my work is public domain
Author: John Aikman
: none State: TX ID: 80

Central physics website with notes, demonstrations, educator activities, discussion forums, and blogs. focused on ny regents physics.
Author: APlusPhysics
: Irondequoit High School State: NY ID: 89

Complete Course In Regents Physics
Powerpoint student and teacher notes, worksheets, labs
Author: Peter Butchko
: Northeastern Clinton Central School State: NY ID: 93

Modern Relativity
An online textbook tutorial on albert einstein's theories of special and general relativity.
Author: David Waite
: ASU State: AZ ID: 103
Teacher oriented website helpful to teachers and students alike
Author: Paul Robinson
: San Mateo High School (retired) State: CA ID: 119

Free site dedicated to high school physics, including hundreds of review videos for regents and ap physics, online tutorials, interactive quizzes, worksheets, etc.
Author: Dan Fullerton
: Irondequoit High School State: NY ID: 123