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Utah Slots
Slot Canyons are narrow canyons with very steep sides that are especially common in the Navajo Sandstone of the Colorado Plateau. The title is a play on the fact that the state of Utah, unlike neighboring states, does not allow casinos and slot machines.

Glacial Legacies of New York State
For those of us living in the 21st century, it may be difficult to think of a time when nearly all of New York State was covered by a sheet of ice nearly a mile thick. TAs you will see, the proof is in the landscape.

Cool Imposters PowerPoint
This PowerPoint of 21 images shows land features that were clearly not made by glacier related processes. Yet, they might be interpreted as evidence of glaciation were they not found in an area that has experienced only tropical temperate conditions.

Weathering, Erosion & Deposition Curriculum Guide
Broadest Understanding:

The Effect of Bedrock on Acid Rain
Students test the pH of samples of "acid rain" before and after different kinds of rock are placed in them. Students locate these rocks in NYS and determine the landscape regions most adversely affected by acid precipitation.

Mass Movement Lab
Lab simulating the process of mass movement and/or landslides.

Weathering of Sugar Cubes
Students will investigate physical and chemical weathering through the use of sugar cubes.

Settling Rates
Students will investigate the effects of size, shape and density on the settling rates of objects. Students will use modeling clay and a plastic bead. Most of the "beads" will be created using the modeling clay.

Wall-Building Stones
Lab based on the the NIST Test Wall-Building Stones of the United States.

Discharge Of The Ramapo River
Students can use Microsoft Excel to interpret data and draw conclusions about how a stream's discharge is affected by temperature and precipitation.


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