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Oreo Moon Phases
Use this activity to enhance the understanding of the Moon's phases. Oreo cookies provide the information!

Galactic Address Worksheet
Great worksheet detailing our address in the universe.

Sun's Path
I tried doing this lab in a more open-ended, inquiry-based format. It may or may not succeed. Modify if you want to.

Doppler Effect Movie
Video showing the Doppler effect of a car driving by and the subsequent change in pitch.

Analyzing Star Trails
Students examine and analyze a star trail photo taken by an earth science student in New York State. A single period activity that can be used to include discussion of: Location of Polaris; Apparent motion of stars; Rate of earth's rotation.

Gotham Equinox
Students examine map and photograph of setting sun aligned with 34th St. in NYC to determine the date that the photograph was made. Makes a good "wrap-up" activity, or can be done as a lesson led by the teacher.

Tides at the Battery, NY
How can graphs be used to understand the tides? Students will use current data from the web to graph recent tides and tide predictions. They will analyze the tidal pattern and determine the accuracy of the predictions. They will make predictions.

The Ellipse
Students draw and analyze two ellipses: Calculation of eccentricity; Understanding of range and significance of eccentricity; Compare eccentricities of drawn ellipses to planetary orbit eccentricities; Challenge component.

Teaching Earth-Moon Scaling
Exploring questions and comparing alternative conceptions about Earth-Moon relationships provide an opportunity to: Emphasize the primary role of empirical criteria, logical argument and skeptical review in the historical.

Seasons and Sunpath
In this lab, you will use a plastic hemisphere to represent the dome of the sky. You will need to imagine that you are at the center of the base of the dome. The border around your globe, where it touches the table is your horizon.


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