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Mineral Identification
In this lab, you will follow the Mineral Identification Chart found in your reference tables (also provided here) to classify then identify a variety of different minerals.

Rock and Mineral Identification
To investigate the properties and characteristics by which rocks and minerals are identified, and to distinguish the difference between them.

Rock and Mineral Identification
I want you to examine rocks and minerals to see if you can detect similarities or maybe differences. I want you to observe the rocks and minerals and then make some inferences about the presence of minerals in rocks.

Sedimentary Rock Identification
Using your senses and the Scheme for Sedimentary Rock Identification, you will be able to first classify and identify the rocks and their environments of formation.

The Rock Cycle
In the following activity, you will observe the transformations that occur as rocks change form.

Rock Cycle Dice Lab for Earth Science
In this activity, you will "experience" the rock cycle, and develop estimates of the time required to advance from one stage to the next. As you have no doubt figured out by now, the processes involved in rock formation are cyclical.

Rock Cycle Dice
How to make the dice for the lab.

Minerals Computer Questionnaire
Go to a certain website and answer questions based on it.

Mineral Mining
Mining companies have frequently made the news in terms of the destruction they cause to the environment. However, because of the demand for minerals and metals, mining will continue to occur.

A crystal is a chemical solid with flat faces that meet at precise angles. Each crystal shape represents a unique pattern of the internal arrangements and bonding of atoms.


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