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Metamorphic Rocks
An introduction and intended to familiarize students with using their ESRT for metamorphic rocks. Should be followed up by an identification laboratory.

Rock Cycle Powerpoint
Rock Cycle Powerpoint- This powerpoint will help teach the parts of the Rock Cycle Chart in the Reference Tables.

Intro to minerals
Properties, tests to perform, intro to Rocks, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, and rock Cycle. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.

Rock Bingo
Students will create a 16 square bingo sheet. Post the worksheet on the overhead so students can see answers. Teacher will read the DEFINITION for each of the words and students must match definition to their bingo vocabulary.

Work Booklet
A unit pack with a variety of different material all related to Geology.

Boiling Stones and Bison Bones
Learn how Native Americans used quartzite cobbles to boil water.

Rock Notes
Basic notes about rocks. Points include: Background information on rocks, factors for identifying rocks and three (3) classifications of rocks. Source info long lost.

Mineral Notes
Basic notes about minerals. Points include: background, identifying minerals, classification, cleavage and fracture, and Mohs hardness scale. Source info long lost.

Updated Scheme for identifying Igneous Rocks using ESRT 2010
Someone made this file which I used for the last two years and had to update it for the current ESRT. I am only taking credit for updating not making. BTW, updating this took me forever so making it must have taken even longer...thank you so much!!

Is it a Moon Rock? (authentic assessment activity)
An authentic assessment activity that has students working in teams to examine rock samples to try and determine if they might be moon rocks - or cannot be moon rocks. The 2-sided activity sheet includes the original news clipping, all the lunar geology f


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