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A share-a-thon is a place where teachers can voluntarily upload their files for other teachers to use. When a teacher submits a file, it is catalogued and placed into a database.


What Will We Learn About in Earth Science?
Great powerpoint to show the students what topics and concepts they will learn through out a year in earth science.

Path of Sun across the sky
This activity could be used within astronomy or weather and climate units.

Brief Into to science concepts
Into to topographic maps, reading contour lines, drawing contour lines, gradient, and drawing a profile. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.

ESRT for Smart Board
Every individual ESRT chart/table on its own separate page. I would recommend opening the pdf version of the larger pages directly in Adobe (History, Interior of the Earth, etc.). Adobe is zoomable, Smartboard software is NOT so you won't lose details.

ESRT "Highlighted"
This is the back cover of the reference tables with a few highlighted boxes that can be moved around to direct attention to the mineral at hand.

Weekly Plan Sheet
This is a weekly plan sheet which contains a grid mapping out the entire week's lesson. Created for double period classes. Provide space for period 1, period 2, Aim, Do Now, and Home Work.

Tri-Week Plan Sheet
This sheet provides a planning worksheet for 3 weeks of a double period science class. Writing areas for periods 1 and 2 are provided.

Generic Textbook Summary and Question Answer Sheet
Worksheet can parallel work done in a textbook. Provides space for students to summarize the reading and answer a number of questions. This helps to ensure textbook homework is as relevant as possible.

9 Minute PowerPoint Timer for the Part D Earth Science Regents
Timer for the new part D earth science regents.

Measurement Lab
Basic measurement lab for the "Prolgue" chapter. Covers conversions, percent error, mass, volume, and the use of basic science equipment. Modifications could be to add a "density" section too.


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