Astronomy Share-a-thon 71 Files

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Paths of the Sun
This lab demonstrates the changing apparent path of the sun across the sky throughout the year.

Planet Travel Project
The year is 2050, and space travel is no longer science fiction. You are employed by a major advertising company, and your latest assignment is to prepare a travel presentation for another planet in our solar system.

Planetary Exploration
Students will design a research module that could be landed on Mars to collect data.

Orbit and Phases of the Moon
In this lab, you?ll discover for yourself the pattern of the phases of the Moon.

Reasons for the Seasons
Students will examine the true reason for the seasons using flashlights, plastic balls, and toothpicks.

Reflection of the Sun
This method uses remarkably simple materials allowing anyone to observe the surface of the sun (sunspots) and the sun's real-time motion through the sky. Only the optical quality front surface mirror is a little difficult to find.

Seasonal Changes in the Sun's Path
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph the Sun's path during the equinoxes and solstices using altitude and azimuth data from the US Navy.

Solar System Scale
Don't just imagine our Solar System! You have to see it to believe it!

Star's Life Cycle
Students create the stages of the stars? life cycle using common materials.

Sun's Path
Students will trace the daily apparent path of the sun for the beginning of each season at different latitudes. Preparation includes drilling holes in your celestial sphere's.