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Air Masses and Fronts
Students will make models of air mass movements using corn syrup and water.

Thunderstorms and Lightning
Simple lesson on how thunderstorms develop and how to stay safe during these storms. Use with speakers (real wave file of thunder).

Wind, Sea and Land Breezes
Diagramming Sea and Land breezes.

Hurricane Dean (graphing)
Using the data from Hurricane Dean (or any others) students can practice general graphing, plotting points using latitude and longitude directly on the smartboard. Uses two of the graphs from a lab shared by Steve Kluge. Works well as a review or modeling

Temperature Conversions
Heat, Temperature and Temperature Conversions (uses blown up Ref tables from Charles Burrows)

Intro to weather
Intro to weather, Weather Instruments, Intro to weather maps and Forecasting. All of the references to pages and chapters refer to Tom McGuires Review Book.

Superstorm '93
This power point is designed to show a sequence of infrared satellite images of the east coast from March 12th through the 14th, 1993.

Latent Heat Lab
Help students understand the science of Chinook Winds, microbursts, and hurricanes

Weather Test
An evaluation of students understanding of a portion of the meteorology unit.

Rain Shadow Lab
Students model the rain shadow effect by walking up and down the stairs in your school.


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