Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics Share-a-thon 54 Files

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Sea Floor Spreading
Students will graph the ocean bottom of the North Atlantic to identify ocean bottom features, and processes associated with the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

Wave Properties Lab
This could be set up as a stations lab, with each of the outlined activities as stations. Students travel from one station to another with lab sheet, and discuss/respond to each question. Materials are fairly easy to collect.

Plate Tectonics Lab
5 different activities that teach 9th graders about plate tectonics

ESRT Page 5 Worksheet
Worksheet designed to get students used to looking at page 5 of the ESRTs and utilizing everything it contains

Earthquake P-Wave & S-Wave Questions
Students are required to answer questions on the behavior of p- and s-waves within the earth.

Earthquake Webquest
Interactive webquest. Includes kinesthetic, visual, and ELA portions

Student research for various earthquake events in history

Plate tectonics
Lab activity : locating epicenters


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