Climate and Water Cycle Share-a-thon 16 Files

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Water Cycle Pre Assessment Test
Very simple pre-assessment test for students beginning a unit on the water cycle.

Coal Industry Attacking Global Warming Science
A memo by the coal industry details a coordinated campaign to spread misinformation about global warming. It expresses fear that if the government addresses climate change it will cut into their profits.

Climate and Weather Curriculum Guide
Broadest Understanding: Atmospheric systems are understandable, Predictable and affected by human activity.

Coastal and Continental Temperature Ranges
Using climographs students plot locations using latitude and longitude, calculate annual temperature ranges, and relate unequal rates of heating and cooling to climate variations. Students construct and analyze climographs for two NYS locations.

Climate Controls
Climate is an area's average atmospheric energy (in terms of temperature and precipitation). The energy comes from the sun and water vapor. Students determine what causes different climates in different areas of the world.

California Climate Zones on Google Earth
Outlines of California's 16 Climate Zones have been overlaid on the aerial images of Google Earth. This might be useful to look at the boundary areas between two climate zones. The outlines are based on the GIS (Arcview) shapes.

Readers' Theater Script: Water Cycle Adventure
This 10-minute readers' theater play traces water in its never-ending cycle. Students read the script as they perform the play. Neither props nor scenery is necessary. There are 19 characters.

climate notes
Some basic notes on climate.

Create a Climatograph
A simple worksheet or overhead to allow students to practice creating a climatograph.

Water Cycle
All of the Earth's water (70% of the Earth's surface) goes through a cycle in which the water changes its locations or physical state through different processes. In accordance with the law of conservation of matter, water is not created or destroyed, it


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