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Density Notes
Concentration of matter in an object notes.

Density practice questions
Here are some simple questions allowing students to calculate density.

Determining the Density of Different Things
Simple worksheet where the student calculates the density of different sized cubes. There are also some conclusion and practice questions.

Density of Fluids
Students will need to find the mass and density of four unknown fluids, given a 10 mL sample of each.

Practice plotting, calculating and extrapolating data using the mass and volume of 5 samples of the minerals galena below.

Density Do Now
A simple do now for students involves looking at two boxes each with the same volume. Question's posed is: If each ball has the same mass, which box would weigh more? Why?

Density of Earth Layers
1. Earth's layered structure 2. density 3. experimental errors 4. rocks and meteorites 5. Archimedes Principle applied to the Earth System

Density Sweet Density
Calculate densities of candy bars and predict what will happen when they are placed in water.

Density of Liquids
In this lab, you will make some observations of floating objects, determine the density of 2 liquids, and examine some real life applications of what you have learned.

Denstiy of Solids
Students will be able to calculate the densities of different materials and recognize that density is one of the most important properties of matter.