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Earthquakes and Plate Tectonic Curriculum Guide
Broadest Understanding:

Hawaiian Shelf Collapse
Nothing like lava to get someone motivated. I put together a powerpoint showing current images of the collapse plus a few explanatory slides as well.

ESRT - Interactive P & S Wave Chart
Click and drag the lines and ruler to make this chart easy to understand!

Models of the Earth
Students will use an M&M to relate the thicknesses of the layers to the layers of the Earth. By applying pressure to a peanut M&M, students can observe the type of plate boundaries we find on Earth.

Stressful Situations
Using common sandwich components, students work hands on to come up with their own personal ways of demonstrating faults types, stress, mountain formation, etc. Can also be modified for erosion, glacial activity, demonstration of original horizontally.

Seismic Activity
Shoe boxes are filled with various materials which simulate Earth's surfaces. Dropping rocks on the boxes triggers a 'wave' that can be recorded by sliding paper up against a marker that is attached to the box.

Earthquakes and Plate Boundaries
The following lab activity requires the use of the Seismic Eruption software installed on the network.

Mercalli/richter Sheet
handout primarily discussing the modified mercalli scale. Helps students understnad difference between magnitude and intensity

earthquake jeopardy review
A review of earthquakes, faults, and seismic waves. I break the class in to 4 groups and have them form lines. After each questions is asked and answered, I have them rotate to insure everyone gets a chance to participate

Hayward Fault Virtual Helicopter Tour
The locations of the Hayward fault shown here vary considerably in accuracy along the fault, as described in the map explanation. Development, landsliding and other factors make it difficult to determine the precise location of the fault in places.


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