Meteorology Share-a-thon 68 Files

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Air Pressure & Wind Speeds (in a tropical storm system)
Using data from Hurricane Ike students plot charts to understand the relationship of low pressue to storm severity

Ground Level Ozone
Objectives: differentiate between the good and bad ozone, locate the position in the atmosphere where the good and bad ozone reside, plot monthly ozone data and understand the ground level ozone effects on humans and plants.

Water Vapor Satellite Loop
HUGE FILE! (16+MB) May take a few minutes to download. 151 frames! Dates: 5/8/06 to 5/12/06

Insurance Company Letter Regarding Hurricane Premiums
Recent storms have had devastating effects on properties in many parts of the country. We find it necessary to take action to reduce our exposure to future catastrophic loss therefore we are increasing you hurricane deductible.

Cloud Locations for a Year over the Earth [LARGE FILE]
Shows upper level atmospheric moisture patterns over the entire earth throughout the entire year. 40MB FILE

Hurricane Katrina Powerpoint Presentation
New Orleans celebrated Mardi Gras six months after hurricane Katrina flooded about 80% of the city in September 2005. How much has the city recovered from this devastating blow (pun) and what will it take to bring the community back to a normal existence?

Predicting the Weather Curriculum Guide
Weather can be predicted by analyzing the movement of air masses and their associated weather variables.

hurricane preparedness
Attached are a brochure and evacuation map for hurricanes in New York City.

White Plains MetARs
Students examine a 'one week' MetAR to find trends in temperature and pressure over the course of one week in October.

Weather Maps in Motion
How do we interpret current weather maps? Students will observe current weather map loop animations. They will observe the movement of fronts and air masses. They will analyze a specific weather station model.