10 Earth Science Demonstrations

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Burning Down The House
The addition of oxygen into Earth's atmosphere by cyannobacteria led to the creation of banded iron formations. Oxygen was poisonous to life at that time. Once cells could utilize oxygen, they had much more energy at their disposal.

Tiny Bubbles
CO2 gas is a dense gas and will displace oxygen from a tank. Air bubbles blown into the tank of CO2 gas will float on top of the gas. *Gases behave like a fluid *Characteristics of CO2 gas *Structure of matter

What's So New About Newspaper?
Students will explore how newspaper behaves during different tests. They will determine how the internal structure (grain) of the paper will influence its behavior.

Models Of The Earth
Students will use an M&M to relate the thicknesses of the layers to the layers of the Earth. By applying pressure to a peanut M&M, students can observe the type of plate boundaries we find on Earth.

Parallax Lab
In the following lab, you will observe as your teacher sets up a model of a telescope and uses it to estimate distances.

Reflection Of The Sun
This method uses remarkably simple materials allowing anyone to observe the surface of the sun (sunspots) and the sun's real-time motion through the sky. Only the optical quality front surface mirror is a little difficult to find.

Air Pressure Can Crush
If we reduce the internal air pressure of a pop can enough, the external air pressure will be greater than the internal pressure it will create a partial vacuum and crush the can.

Making Light...
Your task is to demonstrate to the class as many truly different ways as you can of creating light. Use the lines below to list your methods. Each method must be unique, and not just using different materials to do the same thing.

Under Pressure
The following activities will give you an opportunity to see that air pressure, caused by the weight of the atmosphere, can produce some unexpected results.

Two Cell Convection And Rifting Model
Here is a dynamic model that shows two convecting cells that are maintained by a continuous heat source and made visible by markers that remain discrete and will not disperse in the convecting medium.


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