10 Earth Science Excels

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Ideas For A Trip Out West
I have summarized many comments and have included links to sites with information about each location. Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon were left out because they tend to be mobbed with tourists and everybody would think of them.

How's The Air Up There
How does the atmosphere change with altitude? Students will obtain current upper air radiosonde soundings from the web. They will generate graphs and analyze them.

The H-R Diagram
Students can use Microsoft Excel to discover the properties of stars. How are stars classified?

Seasonal Changes In The Sun's Path
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph the Sun's path during the equinoxes and solstices using altitude and azimuth data from the US Navy.

Discharge Of The Ramapo River
Students can use Microsoft Excel to interpret data and draw conclusions about how a stream's discharge is affected by temperature and precipitation.

Graphing Tides At The Battery, NY
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph the tides at the Battery (where the Hudson River enters the Atlantic Ocean) on any given day! This lab can easily be altered to study any location!

Creating Topographic Maps
Students can use Microsoft Excel to create three-dimensional topographic maps. Just change the elevation data and the map automatically changes!

Plotting Upper Air Weather Data
Students can use Microsoft Excel to graph how temperature and pressure change with altitude at many different locations. Why are the graphs different at different locations?

Plotting Earthquakes
Students can use Microsoft Excel to plot the locations of the most recent earthquakes. Afterwards, they can sketch the locations of the continents to determine where and why earthquakes occur.

Climatograph Lab
Lab using internet site, Excel 2003, and hand-drawn graphs. Shows difference between specific heat of land & sea and reviews some topics from weather and mapping. If you would like the EXCEL 2007 instructions, e-mail me: [email protected]


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