5 Living Environment Lesson Plans

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Immune System Facebook Report
Tell the story of the immune system battling a pathogen as if it is on Facebook.

TickleMe Plants- How To Do A Controlled Study.
TickleMe Plants are the only interactive plant that students can work with. TickleMe Plants (Mimosa pudica)will close their leaves and lower their branches when tickled. A great way to excite kids about botany, science and gardening.

Global Warming
Lessons teach core knowledge about the science of climate change, explore conflicting views, and integrate critical thinking skills. Students will apply knowledge of climate change to a rigorous analysis of media messages through asking and answer

Resource Depletion
This kit covers a historical overview of American representations of natural resources from ancient Indian basketry to contemporary web sites. It compares conflicting media constructions about the Exxon Valdez oil spill, the damning of rivers, and

Media Constructions Of Sustainability
This kit explores how sustainability has been presented in the media with a particular focus on issues related to food, water and agriculture. Each of the 19 lessons integrates media literacy and critical thinking into lessons about different aspe


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